Welcome to Beyond the Rainbow Kindergarten Readiness,  Pre-K, and Toddler Program.   We are a school filled with new ideas and high aspirations.  Our school is located just off Wolf Road at the intersection of Metro Park Road  --  Wolf Road Shoppers Park  --   (at the traffic light where Romano's Macaroni Grill is, just down from Talbot's clothing store).


We offer a positive learning kindergarten readiness academic curriculum for our 4-year old program.  Our 3-year old program is set  up to prepare them for what might be their first separation from their parents, as well as, ready them for our kindergarten readiness program.  We will make it a positive and happy experience.  Our focus will be socialization, independence and self-confidence.  We also offer a 2-year old toddler program.  This program is geared to help parents who are looking to introduce their children to their first learning experience.  We hope to make it a positive and happy experience.


A major part of the day at school is being able to follow a direction.  We try to teach the children responsibility and independence, but most of all we try to build self-confidence!!  EVERYTHING a child accomplishes on his/her own (from being able to make a circle on paper to tying their own shoe) is a child's own great personal accomplishment!!!!!!


We hope to guide your child to help them create a good self-image with good decision-making skills for their future years.  We will make their years at Pre-K  a fun and exciting time, and a time they will remember for many years to come.  Come join the fun.   Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

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